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SolarStone panels

About Our Solar Buy Back Offering

Solar Equity Release is the UK's premier platform for solar buy back solutions. We pride ourselves on providing a uniquely-structured offering which is simple to understand, easy to implement, and has a quick process to payment. Solar Equity Release has partnered with UK's biggest solar operations and maintenance provider, to ensure peerless solar panel maintenance and monitoring services are provided to our partner customers, for free.


How does solar equity release work?

In the simplest terms we provide you a Tax free cash lump sum in exchange for the rights of your feed in tariff. You continue to own your Solar PV system and continue to benefit from the free energy produced by them . We provide the maintenance and monitoring for free for the duration of the FiT period. This lets you quickly and easily release the equity you have tied up in your solar panels and generates a Tax free cash lump sum.

Unlike other providers you keep ownership of your panels. We do not register a lease over your property/airspace above your roof and as such, we don't require Lender's consent.

We provide a quick and hassle-free service. To provide you with a valuation, all we need is your installation date and current meter reading. It’s a quick, easy and hassle-free system that allows you to quickly recoup your investment in solar. Our process to completion of payment is quick.

What Makes Us the Best PV Cash-out Option

Cash Lump Sum
No Lease
Free Solar Electricity
Free Maintenance
Hassle-Free Process